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Do you have your advance directives completed?

April 16 is National Health Care Decisions Day.  This is a day of education and awareness, a day to encourage more individuals to plan for health care decisions.  Slightly more than 1/3 of adults in the United States have any form of a written advance health care directive.  Your Medical ...more

What do you know about hospice?

Hospice is the care that people can receive when they have a life-limiting illness with a prognosis of six months or less.  Hospice care involves a team-oriented approach that includes medical care, pain management, emotional support, and spiritual support.  The family of the patient receives support as well.  Bereavement support ...more

Taking Care of Yourself!

Caregiving consumes more hours than there are in the day.  At least that's what it feels like.  Caregivers are managing their own lives (job, house, groceries, finances, kids/grandkids, and more) and they help their care receivers in varying degrees of time.  The tasks of caregiving may entail transportation, arranging services, ...more


It's almost time for the Older Adult Expo sponsored by the Belmont County Adult Services Coalition!  The event will be held at the Ohio Valley Mall on Tuesday, May 7 from 10am - 3pm.  There is no fee to exhibit although the Ohio Valley Mall requires exhibitors to provide a certificate ...more

Do you know about Project Lifesaver for wandering?

Project Lifesaver was founded in 1999 in Chesapeake VA by a local police captain, Gene Saunders.  The program is designed to help family members locate a loved one who wanders.  Project Lifesaver has helped those with dementia, autism and other cognitive disorders. The person who is enrolled receives a waterproof transmitter ...more


Today's Caregiver has an interesting article entitled "Fighting Caregiver Fatigue" which talks about....caregiver fatigue!  This is a very real, very impactful (mentally, physically and spiritually) condition that affects caregivers.  This physical and/or mental exhaustion takes a toll on caregivers whether they are providing care 24 hours a day or if ...more

Holiday Stress

We just finished a program on Supporting & Empowering the Caregiver, and as might be expected, a big piece of the program focused on self-care.  Providing care to a loved one tests the limits of our endurance.  We become physically tired, emotionally drained, and can challenge our spiritual strength.  The holidays ...more

What are irrational thoughts?

Dr. Albert Ellis, a prominent psychologist, developed the theory that if we control our emotions effectively and keep ourselves (as much as is possible!) from neurotic, self-defeating thoughts, we can lead a more fulfilled, happier life. These thoughts have been ingrained in us from childhood and have been reinforced from authority ...more

What is a hospitalist?

Some of our local hospitals are providing in-patient care by a hospitalist. Patients often do not understand how a hospitalist works in their continuum of care.  They are unsure of who is providing their care, and they think they are losing their primary care physician.  Let's start with: What IS a hospitalist?  This term was ...more

Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

National Prostate Health Month is observed every September by health experts, health advocates, and individuals concerned with prosate health.    Designating a month for the issue serves to: Increase public awareneness of the importance of prostate health Provide easily accessible prostate health screenings Educate about risk factors and symptoms of prostate related diseases Advocate for ...more

Water, water everywhere!

We have had a LOT of rain in our area!  We were fortunate at my house - we only had about 4" of rain this past weekend.  A friend in Belmont county had 7" of rain.  Some areas got more, some less but we all received a lot of rain! Hurricane Florence ...more

Caregiver Hacks

Caregiving can be challenging, and sometimes it takes some ingenuity to solve the problems that we encounter!  But often, we can make an adaptation or a fix with easy-to find-items or items that we already have in our homes.  Here are some ideas for 'caregiving hacks' which are crafty ways to ...more

Challenging Behaviors and Dementia

Behaviors can be one of the most challenging aspects of caring for a loved one with dementia.  It is important to recognize that behaviors are a means of communication.  When verbal skills diminish and the care receiver can no longer express him/herself in more conventional means, they may do things ...more


New Medicare cards are being sent by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.  Social Security numbers are being removed to add a level of security and help protect Medicare beneficiaries from identity theft and fraud.  A new Medicare Beneficiary Idenfier (MBI) number will be assigned displaying a combination of 11 letters and numbers.  ...more

Older Adult Expo

The Belmont County Adult Services Coalition held the 20th annual event at the Ohio Valley Mall honoring the older adults in the community, caregivers and care receivers.  It was a great event! The event was formerly known as the Caregiver Support Fair.  We changed the name this year to reflect the ...more


The VDT is the VIRTUAL DEMENTIA TOUR.  This FREE experience will be available at the Older Adult Expo at the Ohio Valley Mall on Tuesday, May 1.  Visit the Right at Home In Home Care and Assistance booth at the Expo to sign up.  This experience helps participants to get a feel for what our ...more

When is the Belmont County Older Adult Expo and where is it?

The Older Adult Expo (formerly the Caregiver Support Fair) will be held on May 1, 2018 at the Ohio Valley Mall from 10am - 3pm.  The event name was changed to represent our changing aging society.  We as older adults are caregivers.  We are employees.  We are retirees.  We travel.  We try ...more

Winter Wonderland?

We had snow for Christmas.  We've had frigid temperatures.  We've had winter winds.  Current temps are running below average according to our local weather men and women, and wind has made it worse, driving the single digit temps to below zero.  BRRRRRR!!!!!! Take the opportunity to check on older family and friends ...more

Should my relative continue to live alone?

Ah!  The holidays!  Time for visiting our families, enjoying conversation, baking and reminiscing.  And also a good time to assess how your relatives are doing by themselves. Here are some questions that can guide you. Has the use of the stove or other applicances become a safety issue? Are there potential safety concerns in the home ...more

Getting Rid of Our Stuff

I had the privilege of being a panelist at Oglebay Institute's Downsizing workshop this past weekend along with  Joshua Rogers, attorney, of Dinsmore & Shohl; Charlotte Pyle of Joe R. Pyle Auction & Realty Services; and, Greg Strahm of the TreasureQuest Group Appraisals.  Tim Luke also of TreasureQuest Group Appraisals ...more


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