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Posted: December 30, 2020, 10:26AM

I have spent most of my social work career working with people who are over 55, offering tools to help them through the aging journey.  Case management, resource information, workshops, community programs, and support groups - all provided to give older adults and caregivers information to help them with issues they may face.  I really thought I knew what I was talking about, but there was something missing. 

Which I now know was the "feel" of aging.  

The realization that we are well beyond the mid-way point of our lives, and that time is limited.  The knowledge that there are no do-overs.  The sadness of regrets, lost friends and loved ones, and missed opportunities.  The concern that with some situations we didn't help enough or that we missed something.  We wonder about those we have met along the way and we worry about some of them.

Our physical stamina isn't what it used to be.  We realize when we play Jeopardy that it DOES take a little longer to retrieve information.  We have aches, and have taken stock in companies that make ibuprofen.  We feel like a 35 year old trapped in an older person's body!!

The take-away on this is that it's a new year.  It's a time to reflect, to make an impact where we can, to nurture the relationships we have, and to cherish those who have gone before us.  We can show care and compassion.  We can be patient with those who need that extra spark of care.  We can become more generous of spirit. 

We can let people know what they mean to us because life passes quickly and our time here is so very short.

We can make a positive impact no matter what our age.  We can help one another through the journey.

Have a blessed and peaceful 2021!

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