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Retirement Community


Altenheim Retirement Community has long been a part of Wheeling history.  Known as Altenheim Home for the Aged, the home was originally located close to the intersection of National Road and Bethany Pike, close to the current Kepner Funeral Home / Springhill Suites location.  Anton Reymann, the donor of Altenheim, purchased the beautiful old Mount Belleview summer hotel, had the house and grounds renovated, then gave it to a board of trustees to be used as a home for older women, many of whom were "retired" German domestics who had cared for Wheeling's wealthy.  These ladies were offered life care with all of their needs met.  The formal opening was held on May 7, 1891. 

Altenheim remained at that site until the building needed too many repairs to be remodeled yet again.  The old hand-made bricks and crumbling mortar were too deteriorated to be salvaged.  In 1949, the Board purchased the property of John O. Schenk.  The home was moved in 1950 to the current location.  The "new" home was once the site of the A.B. Paxton residence, although Mr. Schenk had the original home razed and contracted with Wheeling architect Edward Bates Franzheim to design the Georgian Revival house, originally called "Uplands" and known today as "Altenheim". The "new" home was completed in 1922.  This location was a bit farther out than the original Mount Belleview site but was more accessible to the ladies.  Once purchased by the Board, the home was remodeled to accommodate the residents offering private rooms with private baths.

For over 60 years, the focus was residential housing for aged women with the residents being offered meals, housekeeping, laundry services, activities and a comfortable, caring lifestyle.  In 2008, the Board of Trustees made the decision to shift the focus to free-standing, independent housing for older women, men and couples, and constructed three A-frame cottages on the east side of the main building.  Two years later, three cottages were added on the rear of the property and in 2014, two more cottages were added on the west side of the main building.

The main building (formerly the residence house) is now our Administrative Building housing the offices of our Executive Director, Activities Director and Resource & Referral Services Coordinator.  We continue to focus on older adults offering housing in our modern cottages, as well as a free Resource and Referral Service for older adults and caregivers who need information on aging and caregiving issues regardless of income or location.

We offer stylish housing for independent men, women and couples who are 65 years of age and older. Our eight free-standing cottages are rented on a monthly basis and are equipped with stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, washer and dryer. Amenities include lawn care, snow removal, and general maintenance, activities, and more.  Pets are considered. Rent does not include utilities.  There is no admission fee.

We have an active community!  Dinners out, movies, special meals in summer and on holidays are just some of the events scheduled for retirement community residents.

Are you interested in what we have to offer?  Contact our Executive Director for more information or to apply.


Check out the Photo Gallery for pictures of our cottages and Retirement Community happenings!


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Senior/Caregiver Resources & Referral Services


Serving the area for over 25 years with information and resources for older adults and caregivers


Our Sympathy

Our prayers and deepest sympathy to ~

*the family and friends of Dr. & Mrs. Don Hofreuter

**the family and friends of Geneva Barrax




Do not hesitate to call us for information on services and resources.





Mr. Anton Reymann, with his generosity, helped establish a home for hundreds of women through the years.  Most recently, the Board of Trustees expanded our housing to become a retirement community for women, men, and couples.  

You can read a brief history of our Retirement Community to the right of this section.

For more information on the Reymann history, has an interesting site.

We are so grateful to our benefactor Anton Reymann, our Board (past and present), the Altenheim staff through the years, the residents who have made Altenheim their home, and the support of the community over the past 130 years!




 Please contact Resource Services for help with questions about aging or caregiving.  You can reach us through this web page (; by email (; and by calling 304 280-8701 (please leave a message)



Contact our Executive Director George Dakovic at 304 242-3340 for an application or information on the Retirement Community cottages.


THE PANDEMIC CONTINUESWe still need to be considerate and kind, and we need to continue to protect ourselves and others.  Restrictions are being loosened in businesses, long term care, and with our families as our numbers decrease.  We're getting there!

  • Get your vaccination if there are no contraindications.  Get your booster if there are no contraindications.  Both initial vaccinations and boosters are available.  Talk to your doctor so you can make the decision that is best for you.  Ask questions.  Read.  

  • Wear a mask as directed by individual businesses and your own comfort level.

  • Dispose of masks properly by placing them in a bag and sealing the bag AFTER you remove the straps.

  • Maintain social distancing.

  • Universal Precautions to follow
  • Keep your hands away from your face. 

  • Wash your hands frequently.

  • If you are going to the office - stay home if you are sick! 

Contact your health care provider if you think you have been exposed to or contracted the virus. 


CONTACT Ann at or through this web site for more information.



If you are are aging and have questions about assistance or if you are helping to care for an older adult, perhaps you could benefit from information on services or information on specific health concerns.  

  • Do you need information on services to help you remain independent?  There are resources that can help. 
  • Do you need information on in-home assistance, nursing facilities, supportive services or dementia care ? 
  • Contact us!  We'll discuss your situation and your needs - free and confidential!  You are under no obligation. 

We offer professional assistance for those seeking information and options for care for older adults - whether it's for yourself, a family member or a friend!

You can contact us through our website, via email ( or by calling 304 280-8701 and leaving a message.  Please do NOT leave a message on our Facebook page.


  • Finding assistance for our aging family members or for ourselves can be challenging.  There are services to meet needs and to provide information but sometimes the choices add to the confusion.  Let us help!

The Internet offers an abundance of information, and many of us begin our searches on-line.  There are some questions to ask as we look through the sites. 

  • Is the information unbiased? 
  • Who are the web sites' sponsors? 
  • Can you talk to a person with your concerns? 
  • Is the information reliable, up-to-date, and accurate for your specific location? 
  • If you contact the service:  are their consumer representatives helpful and polite?  (One of the 'helper' websites told me to contact for information!)

Altenheim Resource & Referral Services has been a division of Altenheim since 1995, providing assistance to older adults and caregivers without regard to income or location. We receive no federal, state or local funding, and offer unbiased information on services and issues pertaining to older adults.





We also offer presentations on issues relevant to older adults, caregiving or on our Altenheim Retirement Community at no charge, and your group's size doesn't matter!  PRESENTATIONS WILL BE DONE VIA ZOOM BUT WILL NOT BE DONE IN PERSON! 

Older adults, family caregivers, and professional caregivers are encouraged to contact us for information on service options, available resources, and caregiving concerns.

Let us help you with the aging and caregiving journey.

Check out our Blog section for questions and answers pertaining to older adults and caregiving! 


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