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Are You Up to Date on Vaccinations?

We're all concerned about a vaccine for coronavirus / COVID-19 and hoping that our researchers find the answer sooner than later. While we are concerned about the current state of events, we can't forget our regular vaccinations!  We're coming on the "regular" flu season.  Talk to your doctor or pharmacist about ...more

Isolation and Loneliness

Are you almost ready to answer your phone and chat with whoever is on the other end?   Staying home has been challenging for so many of us.  We aren't seeing our colleagues at meetings nor are we able to plan special events.  The evening dinners with friends have morphed into Zoom ...more

What Are You Doing?

Hey!  How are things going?  Are you working from home, going in part time, or are you back full time?  I am still working from home and have gotten into a rhythm.  People who need information have found me through this Web page, email or our alternate phone number.  It's ...more

Observing 25 years in a Pandemic

When I was hired by Altenheim as Resource Services Coordinator of their new division Altenheim Resource & Referral Services in March 1995, I didn't know where this new position would lead.  I knew that this position was a great opportunity to help older adults and their caregivers.  I had just ...more

What Do I Do With All My Stuff???

Do you look around your house and think "Where did all that stuff come from?!"  Our house is small, and I have no idea how I managed to cram so much in such a small space!  Since I've been working from home, I am constantly reminded of my need to ...more


Many of us are still working from home, socially distancing when we're out, and trying to stay at home as much as possible.  I'm going out for groceries and necessary items, and to walk our dog but am trying to stay in and away from people as much as possible. ...more


Tuesday, June 9 is Election Day for West Virginia.  Some of you may have taken advantage of mail-in ballots, and others may have voted through the Early Voting process.  For those of you who are voting in person - the day is coming up! Voting is a privilege.  People have fought ...more


We are still living an altered lifestyle.  Businesses and services are slowly reopening in West Virginia and Ohio, just as we observe Memorial Day - which usually signals summer (although it's still about 3 weeks early for the official start of summer).  We are so anxious to get out, to ...more

Have You Been Counted? The 2020 Census

It's CENSUS time!  Have you been counted?  You should have gotten your "invitation" to be counted, and you can respond online, by phone or by mail.  Some of us got short forms which were concise with questions.  Others received longer forms which requested more information. So - you might ask - ...more


Our social isolation continues.  Some of us are still working at home and seriously limiting any contact with others.  This is tough! Think about those people who have no one or those who have limited contact even when we are not facing a pandemic. These people are vulnerable and susceptible to being ...more


Scams are out there.  People are taking advantage of the fear and uncertainty, and offering cures (none exist), treatments (none exist) and vaccinations (none exist). These people will not 'play nice'.  They don't care that we are afraid, that we are worried, that we don't know what our 'new normal' will ...more


I cannot stress strongly enough the importance of social distancing (at LEAST 6' apart) and preferably social isolation.  Please keep in mind that going out puts you at risk as well as others.  We have learned that all ages are affected.  Babies have contracted the virus and died as have others ...more

Staying Connected

As we face this pandemic health crisis, please be attentive to those who live alone.  We must practice social distancing if not isolation so we must work extra hard to stay in touch.  This is a virulent virus, and we don't want anyone exposed unnecessarily especially our most vulnerable. It is ...more

Coronavirus - Another Consideration

As we are all focused on social distancing, avoiding contracting the virus, and keeping our family and friends safe, there is another consideration and that is being extra careful in other areas of our lives. This is not a time to have to seek emergency medical attention for accidents and issues ...more

Coronavirus - "Take this seriously!"

"Take this seriously.  Coronavirus is about to change your life for awhile" CNN on-line headed their article with the above tag line. In this article, Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, issued a warning during a White House briefing Tuesday.  "Americans everywhere need to change ...more


It is amazing to think that Altenheim Resource & Referral Services has been part of the Altenheim family and the Wheeling community for 25 years! Resource Services came about as a result of the philanthropy of Altenheim, and the research that showed a primary need of older adults and caregivers was ...more


Recently my husband, our dog and I escaped for a short respite away from the Big City. We needed a little time to stop, take a deep breath, enjoy our little "pack", and re-connect with the trees and the beauty that surrounds us.  How often do we do that? I've been ...more


WV Attorney General Patrick Morrisey is warning of a new twist on an old scam.  Callers are contacting consumers and impersonating representatives of the Attorney General's (AG) office.  They are intimidating callers with threats of suspension of Social Security numbers or benefits due to "fraudulent activity" or "illegal activity", saying that the ...more

Tis the Season - to Get Scammed

Steve Novotney (WKKX and LEDE news) and I serve on a task force to combat elder abuse.  We have discussed numerous scams that people try to perpetrate including the "You have won a lot of money" or "You can make a lot of money" scams, the fake delivery people scams, the ...more

National Caregivers Month

November is National Caregivers Month.  Caregiving is a hard job.  It is physically taxing, emotionally challenging, and can test our spiritual strength. Do you know a caregiver?  Ask how you can help.  We often say "Call me if you need anything" but often people won't reach out.  We can reach out ...more


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