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Older Adult & Caregiver Resource & Referral Services and Retirement Housing for Independent Older Adults


Finding services for an older adult can be a daunting task.  So many questions!

  • What services are available? 
  • What's right for my family member? 
  • Does the care receiver want to remain in their own home? 
  • Do they need help with meals?  Sitting? Bathing, dressing, grooming?  
  • Safety may be a concern.  
  • Do they need community services such as a meal program (or what's available if they lived outside the delivery area for home-delivered meals?) or a transportation program?
  • Your aging loved one may be looking at another type of housing such as an apartment, assisted living, or nursing home. 
  • What about services in your area?  Are they available?  Affordable?  Accessible?  Appropriate? 
  • Is there financial assistance or a state program to help?
  • Do you think you're on track but need to discuss your situation to see if you're missing anything?

DO YOU WANT TO TALK TO A PERSON?  The Internet is a wonderful tool that can help us narrow down our options, but sometimes we NEED to discuss our situation with a person.  There are also those instances where the website is no longer available, the business has changed, the services don't meet your needs or serve your area, or you are referred to yet another website that is hard to navigate and still doesn't answer your questions.  Sometimes you are asked to leave YOUR contact information before you can find answers.  And - sometimes the information on the website is just incorrect.

LET US HELP!  You can send your inquiry through our web page, email ( or call us at 304 280-8701 and leave a message.  We will return your call as soon as we can.  We will listen to your questions and try to direct you to the options that best suit your needs.  You are also welcome to make an appointment and come to talk to us in person!

We can offer information whether you live in our geographic area (West Virginia / Ohio / Pennsylvania) or in another location!  Let us be YOUR GATEWAY TO CARE FOR OLDER ADULTS!


Education is an important part of providing care whether you are a family caregiver or a professional caregiver.  A recent report "Caregiving in the US 2015" found that caregivers need information.  Those who provide more care report needing more information.  Caregivers need to learn about general aging changes, behaviors that may be associated with dementia, incontinence, stress, and end-of-life decision-making. 

Free personal enrichment programs are offered that focus on issues relevant to our aging population and those providing care as well as programs that These programs are offered to increase knowledge, promote learning, provide resources, and enable all interested to be better advocates for themselves, their families, and friends by improving their understanding of issues and options.

Programs on Estate Planning, Medicare Part D products, and Medicare fraud help community members make informed choices and be wise consumers.  Programs on dementia, traumatic brain injury, mental illness, and caregiving help by offering information and support.

General informational programs encourage community members to "get out of the house" and enjoy themselves.  "Visiting Wheeling Neighborhoods" is our 2023 series in collaboration with Family Service - Upper Ohio Valley (Ohio County Senior Center).

Professional workshops are offered with CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDIT through the WV Board of Social Work as Independently Approved Provider workshops.  These workshops help enhance practice standards for professional caregivers, offer the potential for growth, increase understanding and knowledge in our specific disciplines, and help us remain current with professional issues. We focus on Ethics and Veterans' Issues as the two required areas of study for WV-licensed social workers.  Certificates are awarded and those licensed in other states are responsible for applying with their licensing board for credit.  Programs are held in-person.


Check out the EVENTS AND PROGRAMS section to see what's on the schedule!  Our programs are listed in CAPITAL LETTERS.  We list other professional and community programs in lowercase.


Do you have suggestions for programs?  Let us know!  We want to provide the information that YOU need.  Whether you are a consumer looking for information or a professional that needs CE credit, we can help!

We offer information you can take with you (brochures, tip sheets, booklets) or we can offer links to resources online.  We have limited books and DVDs that you can borrow.  Let us help you with your caregiving questions!

Our Quick Links section offers links to helpful websites.



Altenheim has been a presence in Wheeling since 1891 when Anton Reymann established retirement housing for women.  These women were mostly German immigrants who had worked in the homes of Wheeling families.  When they came to retirement age, their resources for housing were limited and most did not want to return to Europe.   Mr. Reymann established a trust, purchased the Mt Belleview Hotel in Wheeling, and turned it over to a Board of Trustees to oversee the facility. 

Times have changed and options are now more varied.  To accommodate our community, we have changed too.  We now offer modern and stylish cottages for independent men, women, and couples who are 65 and older. 

  • Eight free-standing cottages - 3 A-frame design and 5 traditional brick design
  • Each cottage has two bedrooms, two baths, a living room, a dining room, and a kitchen
  • Our A-frames have an oversize garage, and the five larger cottages have two-car garages. 
  • The five traditional design cottages have a basement, the A-frames do not
  • The cottages are offered on a rental basis
  • Utilities are not included in the monthly rental fee
  • A community gazebo is available for our residents' use

We'd be happy to tell you about our community! 

Contact Executive Director George Dakovic for information at 304 281-8797

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