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Alzheimer's Blood Test Released

Posted: December 2, 2020, 9:33AM

NBC News recently reported that C2N Diagnostics of St Louis, Missouri, has released a blood test for Alzheimer's Disease.  The product which is not FDA approved, is sold in all but a few states and was just cleared for sale in Europe.

The test measures two types of amyloid particles plus various forms of protein that can show whether someone has a gene that increases risk of the disease.

The test is not intended for general screening or for those without symptoms but focuses on those who are 60 years old +, who are having problems with thinking, and who are being evaluated for Alzheimer's disease.  Only physicians can order the test, and results are available within 10 days.

The cost of the test is $1250 and the company offers discounts based on income. 

Key test results have not been published but amyloid research leading to the test have been. Dr. Eliezer Masliah chief neruoscience chief of the US National Institutes on Aging said that the government funded some of the work as well some other blood tests. 

Dr. Masliah is quoted as saying, "I would be cautious about interpreting any of these things" in regard to the company's claims.  He goes on to say, "We're encouraged, we're interested, we're funding this work but we want to see results."

Heather Snyder of the Alzheimer's Association said the Alzheimer's Association won't endorse the test without FDA approval. 

Dr. Joel Braunstein, the company's chief executive, says that the company is pursuing FDA approval for the blood test and the agency has been given special designation that can speed review.  He also said that study results would be published.

This is potentially a tool for physicians and for those who are having issues with cognition, and may offer supportive data for additional testing and/or for ruling out diseases.  Check with your primary care physician with questions about the test or its availability. 

As a side note - Be aware of potential scams.  It is a safe bet that people will be out to take advantage of those who are vulnerable by selling tests that do not require a doctor's order, and/or do not require any medical follow up, and/or may be offered at a lower cost, and/or are not the same tests as C2N is offering.  This can be a gold mine for scammers. TALK TO YOUR PHYSICIAN!





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