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Artificial Intelligence: A Tool for Scammers

Posted: June 12, 2023, 12:24PM

 We're hearing a lot about artificial intelligence or AI.  With AI, voices can be replicated from a brief audio snippet.  Videos can be produced from pictures captured online.  The Grandparent Scam can be prepetrated by scammers using an artificially rendered voice and/or video clip. It sounds and looks like the person.  Romance Scams can hook more people because of the capabilities of AI.

Check out this clip of a performance on American's Got Talent.

Or this one of "Tom Cruise"

Can you imagine what scammers can do with what they find on social media?  There are pics of family, video clips, and a lot of personal information that would help develop the audio or video.


DO NOT rush to act.  Take a deep breath.

DO NOT assume that this is your family member.  Contact them or someone who knows where they are.

DO NOT send gift cards or other payments.

If they say to keep it a secret - it's probably a scam.

If they want paid my gift cards - it's probably a scam.

Be aware of what you post online and how it could be used.



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