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Posted: May 26, 2020, 2:24PM

We are still living an altered lifestyle.  Businesses and services are slowly reopening in West Virginia and Ohio, just as we observe Memorial Day - which usually signals summer (although it's still about 3 weeks early for the official start of summer).  We are so anxious to get out, to do 'summer stuff', to have some semblance of normalcy.

But - we're not there yet.  There are still thousands of positive cases, and we have lost thousands of lives to the virus.  Many people are asymptomatic according to CDC reports.  This means you may not know you have the disease but you can still spread it.

It is necessary to remember to "Be safe.  Be well.  Be considerate."  We can spread this disease and not know that we doing so.  Think about your family, your friends, the stranger at the grocery store.

Please continue to observe social distancing.  Please be considerate of others and wear a mask when you're out in stores and public areas.  Please be respectful of others.  We will all make decisions about how we react to this continuing pandemic.  It is not over.  Please make your decisions based on how YOU can protect the most people.

We will need to continue to be vigilant, cautious, and pro-active.  We are in this together, and our health and well-being is contingent on our being conscientious.

Be safe.  Be well. Be considerate.






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