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Blessing Boxes

Posted: August 12, 2021, 10:07AM

Have you seen a Blessing Box in your neighborhood?

Blessing Boxes are large 'cabinets' where people can donate food, personal care, personal hygiene items or take food, personal care or personal hygiene items. The boxes are marked.

How do we donate?  Just go to one of the Blessing Boxes and place your donations on one of the shelves.  Please make sure that all items are new, unopened, unexpired, and do not need refrigeration.  You can also drop off items at the Ohio County Family Resource Network  or the Wheeling Soup Kitchen. Ohio County FRN:  304 232-5600   Wheeling Soup Kitchen:  304 233-2992

Warwood:  Garden Park by the bus stop, Warwood Avenue

Elm Grove:  Bridge Street Middle School

West Liberty:  Volunteer Fire Dept, 1333 Van Meter Way

Valley Grove:  Community Center in front of post office, 8566 National Road

Soup Kitchen:  1610 Eoff Street across from the Ohio County Library parking lot

Bethlehem Elementary:  22 Chapel Road

Elks Lodge #28:  4706 Jacob Street




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