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Does Your Older Relative Need Help?

Posted: October 6, 2020, 1:20PM

It has been difficult to monitor our loved ones during the pandemic.  We may not live close.  We may not be able to visit as frequently as we did not so long ago.  We may not be able to visit due to underlying health issues of our loved ones or ourselves.

When we do visit, we need to pay attention to what is going on with our loved ones.  We need to ask questions.  We need to be able to identify red flags.  Look for changes in their environment, changes in their behavior, changes in their cognitive status. 

Do you see:

Unopened mail stacking up

Shut off notices for utilities

Spoiled food on counters or in the refrigerator (was it a stomach virus or could it have been food poisoning?)

Inadequate food in the cupboards

Changes in physical appearance (soiled clothing, unkempt appearance)

Changes in short-term memory

Changes in cleanliness of the house

Recent falls

Signs of incontinence

Missed or canceled appointments

Many of our care receivers are very protective of their independence.  They may compensate to try to keep their problems private. 

There is help.  There are home care agencies, and many states have programs that have a sliding scale fee or free.  There are home delivered meal programs, and transportation programs.  If more assistance is needed, there are assisted living facilities and long term care facilities.

Sometimes we know that help is needed, but we may not know what help is available.  Don't hesitate to call us at Altenheim Resource Services.  We will help you learn about available resources!


Source:  Orange County Register, "Help:  It's Important to Feel Independent"

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