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Food Insecurity

Posted: August 7, 2023, 2:48PM

Many in our community don't have enough food.  People of all ages.  Our community is not alone in this social problem and it extends beyond our country's borders.

Costs have gone up everywhere:  groceries, utilities, clothing, fuel.  Everywhere we look, prices are higher.  SNAP benefits were cut in February which has made a huge difference in consumers' purchasing power.  These benefits do not cover non-food items such as soap, cleaning products, household supplies, 

We are fortunate to have many resources in our area for food.  The House of the Carpenter on Wheeling Island offers a backpack ministry for students. The Soup Kitchen and Catholic Charities Neighborhood Center offer hot meals.  The Ohio County Senior Center (Family Service - Upper Ohio Valley) offers meals at noon at the Senior Center and home-delivered meals for homebound older adults.  There are others.

Food pantries and cleaning / personal care pantries assist those who need some extra help.  Helping Heroes offers a pantry for veterans.  There are Blessing Boxes located around the area.  The Mountaineer Food Bank Mobile Food Pantry has stops all over the state.

Contact your local agency to see how you can help.  Agencies appreciate food donations, financial support, and volunteer assistance.  Share the resource information with those who need it.

Find Ohio County Food Resources on the Ohio County Family Resource Center website.






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