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Habits That Lead to Happiness

Posted: August 9, 2022, 11:41AM

I read an interesting article in Spirituality and Health, May / June 2021 on the 7 habits that can influence our happiness and the qualities that we associate with happiness.  The author, Victor M. Parachin, is a Protestant minister and Buddhist meditation teacher.  He identified the habits that can lead to the qualities of happiness that we can achieve.

What do people do?

1. They inquire.  What do I want from life?  How can I benefit others?  Where does my happiness come from?  The author points out that those who evolve feel there is more to life than just being.

2. They have an attitude of gratitude.  Pause and feel gratitude.  Spend time being thankful.

3. They seek to benefit others.  This may be holding a door or letting someone out in traffic.  It means "being polite, courteous, and civil to all you encounter daily", states the author.

4. They are mindful.  We need to pay attention to your surroundings.  Practice being mindful instead of "mind full".

5. They practice meditation.  Start with simple breathing exercises.

6. They are optimists. Look to the positive side even when things are bad.

7. They embrace silence.  Silence the noises around you.  

It's a crazy world out there.  Sometimes it seems that happiness and peace are unattainable goals.  We have to remember to practice the habits and keep in mind that our happiness depends on us.  Others don't make us happy.  We make us happy.

Peace be with you.


**As noted, this article is based on the issue cited.  The article is "7 Habits of People Who Awaken", meaning that the awareness that happiness and the qualities associated with it are available to all of us.  The article cites 7 habits that can help us achieve this. 

Source:  Spirituality & Health, May/June 2021, 7 Habits of People Who Awaken, Victor Parachin,

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