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Holiday Delivery Scam & Porch Pirates

Posted: November 28, 2022, 8:57AM

It's the holiday shopping season and a lot of people are shopping online.  Delivery trucks are everywhere! We see the brown UPS trucks and the white Fed Ex trucks in all neighborhoods at all times of the day.

There are a few things to watch out for as we go through the shopping and delivery season.

One scam is the holiday delivery scam in which you may get a call from a "Fed Ex" driver or "UPS" driver.  They tell you their name and say they can't find your house.  They may even ask for credit card information.  If you're not expecting a package, they tell you it must be a gift.  They are professional and engaging.  Don't fall for it!  And most importantly - Don't give out any information!  

Porch pirates have been around for some time.  They see a delivery truck drop something on your porch.  Then they take it.  The video doorbells have been a deterrent but porch pirates are still big problems, especially during times of high deliveries such as the holidays and not everybody has video doorbells.

If you are not home, request deliveries go to a neighbor or your work site.  You may be able to have ordered items go to a hub locker or you can arrange for ordered items to be picked up at the store.  Many stores offer the option of shopping online and picking up your item(s) curbside at the store. 

Keep your holidays merry and bright and don't get ripped off!




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