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Posted: March 15, 2021, 12:23PM

So - how ARE you sleeping?  

Quality sleep - note that QUALITY sleep - is such an important part of our overall health.  Remember that quantity does not mean quality!  This past year has played havoc with sleep patterns.  There have been so many reasons that we've stared at the ceiling night after night.

Parents have been caring for kids and helping with their education.  Caregivers have been dealing with their lives while trying to provide care to a loved one that perhaps they can't see.  Grandparents can't see grandchildren, friends can't see friends, and we changed how we interacted with our social and faith communities.  Technology has become even more important to our day-to-day lives.

Think about the following to help you rest.

Avoid caffeine and/or alcohol before bed.

Create a room for sleep.  Avoid bright lights.  Keep the room at a comfortable temperature.  Don't take your devices to bed with you.  There is a blue-light emission from devices that may interfere with sleep.  Also, you won't be tempted to text or answer texts.

Would white noise help?  There are machines that generate sounds that are restful or perhaps a fan would help lull you to sleep.

Don't lie in bed awake. Get up and read or listen to music until you feel tired.

Meditate.  Try meditation or prayer before you go to bed.  Get in a relaxed state to help slow your mind.

Explore causes with your physican.  Is the cause related to stress?  Breathing?  Hormones?  

We all need rest.  Our bodies need to rejuvenate.  We have had a hard year.  There is sunshine.  There is hope.  Take care of yourself.  That means being able to relax and quiet your mind, and have quality sleep.

Sweet dreams!  

If you have suggestions or want to share what helps you, please leave us a comment!

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