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How Can I Develop an Attitude of Gratitude Part 2

Posted: March 7, 2021, 10:21AM

This is a two-part post of having an ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE.  It has been a difficult year.  Everyone has endured some type of loss.  Being able to see the good and express thanks can strengthen us mentally, spiritually, and physically!  

* Appreciate people who annoy you. This is challenging!  But - this practice helps us to practice patience, compassion, and tolerance.  It is by dealing with these challenges that we grow and develop, and hopefully learn.

Instead of giving in to frustration, take a deep breath and offer a word of gratitude for the opportunity to nurture peace and loving-kindness.

* Respond to kindness received. It is a gift to the person showing the kindness when you receive it and do so humbly and gratefully.  ALLOW the person to give the gift of consideration.

It is hard for us to accept generosity.  We may think we're unworthy or we may be embarrassed by the show of goodness.  But, allow others to be kind, and be grateful for that kindness.

* Train yourself to see the positive in the face of negatives.  You may have to search for the silver lining but complex and challenging situations often offer an opportunity to grow your attitude of gratitude.

Facing the good in bad things will help us braoden our gratitude perspective, and teach us to reframe the situation.

* Expand your mindfulness.  Deepening our awareness of the things for which we are grateful helps us see how many things give our lives meaning.

Be in the present.  Think about the people who have made a difference, the warmth and security of your home, and the meaning of the moment.  Give thanks.  

* Start each day by giving thanks.  End each day by giving thanks.

When you wake up, cite at least 3 things for which you are grateful.  You may want to journal, listing more than 3 things and expanding your reflection.  You may want to offer a prayer.  You may want to offer a meditatin of gratitude.  It's a wonderful way to start and end your day.

An attitude of gratitude can make a difference in your life enhancing your overall well-being.  Offer gratitude!

[Source:  Spirituality and Health, March-April 2021, "Seven Buddhist Lessons in Gratitude", Victor Parachin; Harvard Health Publishing, "Giving Thanks Can Make You Happier", November 2011,]




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