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How is Your Pandemic Health?

Posted: February 17, 2021, 8:51AM

It's been a tough year.  Plus a few months. The pandemic, the losses, the worry, the economic concerns, the snow, the ice, the shoveling, more snow, more ice, more shoveling, working from home (trying to adjust to working from home), rethinking how to do our jobs when so much was dependent on being with our clients and colleagues, and on it goes.  

I'm getting weary.  I like that word.  Exhausted in strength, endurance, vigor, or freshness.  (Merriam Webster)  But I am not alone.

We have to stay strong and we have to stay vigilant.  There are vaccines and hopefully the vaccination roll out is getting smoother.  Now is not the time to let down our guard.

We have to assess our physical health and our mental health.  We have to come out the other side of this as healthy as possible!

Are you exercising?  Eating right?

Are you watching your health with preventive measures and doc appointments?

Are you being careful when you go out in the snow?  (Boots, warm clothing)  Are you staying in when it's icy and unsafe under foot?

Are you taking time for yourself?  Are you meditating?  Deep breathing?  Praying?  Doing something for you?

Are you maintaining your relationships?  Call, text, Facetime, or Zoom with friends.  Mail them a card or note!  Loneliness and isolation affect our physical, mental, and emotional health.  Stay in touch.

Stay strong.  Stay safe.  Be proactive.  Help others.

Spring is coming!



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