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Imposter Scams

Posted: May 28, 2021, 1:00PM

We are warned by FEMA not to fall for imposter scams. 

Imposter scams come in many forms.  The scammer may be impersonating a government worker, the police, the person of your dreams from social media, or any number of people that you may perceive as a trustworthy person.

The Social Security representative imposter may say that your Social Security number is being frozen due to illegal activity.

The police scammer may be warning you that you will be arrested for not reporting for jury duty.

The utility worker scammer is from your utility company (pick one) and you have outstanding fees or charges.

The romance scammer will be the person of your dreams.  They will give you stories of lost Passports, problems with taxes, problems with children, and numerous reasons they can't meet you.  The social media scammer may work into your life and become a "best friend".

The family imposter will be the "family member" who calls for help.  They may have been in an accident or they may have been arrested.  

Imposter scams are among the most prevalent of scams (FEMA webinar, 05272021, How to Avoid Scams & Fraud Targeting Older Adults).  There are common threads.  They are playing on your fears.  They are playing on your emotions.  They want your personal information.  They want your money.  If they can string you on (like the romance scam or the best friend scams), they will.  They will take you for everything they can get.

Be cautious.  Be safe.



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