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In Memory: Cat McConnell

Posted: October 17, 2023, 9:52AM

There are those people we meet as we move along life's path who leave a lasting imprint on our hearts.  They are kind.  They are compassionate.  They are courageous defenders of those who are vulnerable or unable to fend for themselves.  They are the people we want to be like when we grow up.

That was Cat McConnell.  Cat was the Executive Director of West Virginia Senior Legal Aid.  She was the very first person many of us thought of when we had a question about legal processes and resources.  Cat was a strong and fearless advocate for West Virginia's older adults.  She traveled the state providing trainings and programs on legal tools that older adults could use to express themselves and their wishes, and was a strong voice for those who needed help.

I met Cat when she first became the Executive Director of West Virginia Senior Legal Aid.  She had come to our facility to do a training that we were co-hosting with the Northwestern Area Agency on Aging.  Cat entered - long hair, tie-dyed dress, smiling, and engaging everyone she met.  She kicked off her shoes and proceeded to tell us everything we needed to know about capacity, competency, and advance directives.  Cat was down-to-earth and generous.  She was unlike any lawyer I had ever met or have met since.

Cat was a talented musician who shared her talents of voice and strings across the state.  She was a loving mom and had just become a grandmother.  Cat was a good friend, a knowledgeable and trusted colleague, and someone I was very happy to have known.  It was a joy to share some of life's journey with Cat.

We have lost a great soul.  West Virginia's older adults have lost one of the strongest advocates they have had or will have.  Cat is irreplaceable.  We are much better people for having known her.

Our deepest sympathy to Cat's daughter Olivia, grandson Ollie, and those who knew and loved her.

Smith Funeral Home, Morgantown WV



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