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Is Caregiving Hard for You?

Posted: November 17, 2022, 12:07PM

I was going through a stack of information that my colleague and friend Marty Cornett and I had gathered for a series of programs on the caregiver.  (Covid stopped that series pretty quickly.)  An article by Carol Bradley Bursack titled "Not Everyone is Cut Out to Be a Caregiver" caught my eye.

The title is self-explanatory.  Just as some people realize that parenting is not their strong point, it is the same with caregiving.  Those who provide care may realize that caregiving is not THEIR strong point.  That's not a bad thing. 

It's not usually based on selfishness nor is it based on not loving the care receiver.  Perhaps the caregiver KNOWS that patience is not their strongest virtue.  Perhaps hands-on care is not something they are able to do. 

Being pushed into the position of being a caregiver can be damaging on several levels to the caregiver and to the care receiver. 

Caregivers in this position may become resentful.  Non-verbal signals communicate what we're feeling.  Our care receivers pick up on the non-verbals.  

You may not be caregiver material.  If you have the insight to know that you would not be good at this task, you can still be involved with your care receiver.  

Be easy on yourself.  It's a hard job.  Knowing when to say no is important for everyone's well-being.

Read the article.



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