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Posted: April 29, 2020, 9:26AM

Our social isolation continues.  Some of us are still working at home and seriously limiting any contact with others.  This is tough!

Think about those people who have no one or those who have limited contact even when we are not facing a pandemic.

These people are vulnerable and susceptible to being preyed upon by scammers.  

Please remind your family members, friends, and those who have limited support:

* There is NO cure for the coronoavirus / COVID-19, nor is there a treatment or preventative.  Don't be fooled into thinking that this incredible offer for a cure will work.  It's a scam.

*Do NOT give your personal information (Social Security number, Medicare number, business account numbers) to callers claiming to be representing Social Security Administration, Medicare, the utility companies, the IRS or anyone representing the stimulus check program.  

*If you have doubts and want to contact whatever agency the call claims to represent, do NOT call the number they provide.  Look up the number for the agency or contact a trusted friend or agency who can look up  the number for you.  

*Do not click on a link provided by the email you are questioning.

*Be discerning!  If you don't have an account with a (scam) company email, delete the email.  Do NOT click on the link!  If you get a message from a company with whom you have an account, LOOK UP THE NUMBER ON YOUR STATEMENT and call that number.  DO NOT call the number provided by the bogus email.

*Scammers are getting more savvy.  They are getting more arrogant and more forceful.  They will threaten you.  DON'T FALL FOR IT!!!  

*This time of fear and uncertainty makes it ideal for scammers.  Don't fall for these ploys.

*Contact the police if you think you've been scammed.  Contact your state's Attorney General office.  Contact the Federal Trade Commission.  

*Stay in touch with those who may be prime candidates for getting scammed.  Ask about calls and emails - are they getting contacts that are suspicious?

*Inform your friends and family of scams.  Let them know not to engage the scammers in conversation.  Encourage them to let someone know if they think they have been taken advantage of.

*Remind them that Social Security will not ask for their Social Security number, Medicare will not ask for their Medicare number, utility companies will not ask for an account number (unless you contact them), they don't need to send money to get their stimulus check, nor do they need to send money up front if they win a sweepstakes!  

Stay safe.  Be well.  Wash your hands.  Protect yourself from scammers.  Help protect your friends and relatives from scammers.





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