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Posted: April 8, 2020, 2:37PM

Scams are out there.  People are taking advantage of the fear and uncertainty, and offering cures (none exist), treatments (none exist) and vaccinations (none exist).

These people will not 'play nice'.  They don't care that we are afraid, that we are worried, that we don't know what our 'new normal' will be.  What they see is $$$$$ and the opportunity to take advantage of our fears.

The WV Attorney General is warning consumers about scammers who are threatening utility shut offs although many utility companies have suspended shut offs for now.  If you get a shut off threat and aren't sure what your utility company's policy is - call them.  Do NOT call the number provided by the scammer.  Use the number on your real bill, look up the number in the phone book, or look up the number on the company's web site.  Do not send gift cards or other forms of payment.

The Ohio Attorney General is warning of work at home scams where the scammer asks for your bank account number so your pay can be deposited.  Don't be fooled by this!  They do not want to put money in your account.  They want to take money out of your account!

Other unscrupulous people are using the Grandparent Scam.  They call and say they are a family member who has been diagnosed with coronavirus, and they need money.  Don't fall for this.  If they say, "this is your grandson" DO NOT say, "Is this Bobby?"  Don't give them ammunition to use against you!  Have a code word to use with family members which, of course, the scammers won't know.  Don't jump to conclusions.  Call the family member and check on them.

Be cautious.  Do not give out personal information.  If you answer the phone and it's a robocall - hang up.  If you suspect a scam, hang up.  Do not talk to these people!

Do not open suspect emails.  Do not click on links. Be proactive.  

Stay safe.  Be well.  Wash your hands.  Wear a mask.





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