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Posted: January 17, 2020, 10:15AM

Recently my husband, our dog and I escaped for a short respite away from the Big City. We needed a little time to stop, take a deep breath, enjoy our little "pack", and re-connect with the trees and the beauty that surrounds us.  How often do we do that?

I've been working with Marty Cornett, who is a nurse, certified wellness coach, and family caregiver on several programs recently and our most recent endeavor is a series of sessions called "The Invisible Patient".  Through Marty, I've met Mary Uraco who is also a wellness coach and uses meditation for herself and for her coaching.  They've given me something to think about.

We get so caught up in our day-to-day activities we forget to take care of ourselves. If we are providing care to a loved one, self-care becomes a distant memory.  Caregivers offer daily care, unselfishly, to their care receiver(s) while juggling their home, family, possibly grandchildren, job, and so on.

Take a minute.  Breathe.  Figure out something you can do for yourself.  If you can carve out even 5 minutes for a brief meditation, it can offer a moment of peace.

You can also join us for The Invisible Patient.  It's for the you - the caregiver.  Give yourself a few hours for information and refreshments.  We'd love to have you!



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