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Should Your Loved One Live Alone?

Posted: October 23, 2020, 2:48PM

Not long ago, I posted some signs that may indicate that your loved one needs help.  There are many other signs that may indicate that extra help is needed.

Medication problems such as taking too many, taking too few, mixing up pills or using expired prescriptions

Changes in weight

Depeleted financial resources

"New" friends and overdependence on them

There are some questions you can ask to begin assessing the possible need for help in the home or there may be indications that your loved one needs assisted living or nursing home care.

Have their been accidents because of weakness, dzziness or an inability to get around?

Has use of the stove or oven become a safety issue because of forgetfulness?

Does your relative forget to eat or eat only inappropriate or inadequate foods?

Does your loved one take medications appropriately?

Can your loved one get help if they need it?

Do sensory impairments (vision and/or hearing) impact their daily living?

Does your loved one get lost in familiar surroundings?

Has your loved one left home without a destination?

There are several other questions that can help you look at your loved one's situation.

Source:  Choosing a Nursing Home:  A Guidebook for Families, University of Washington Press

Go to the Senior/Caregiver Resources and Referrals tab on this webpage.  On the left side, go to Helpful Information.  Check out the Daily Task Appraisal tool.  There are also more questions to help you assess your loved one in regard to living alone.



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