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Taking Care of Our Fur Babies

Posted: October 4, 2021, 9:15AM

Many of us have pets, and know the joy and responsibility of having companion animals.  Pets offer support for seniors and also offer much needed companionship.  Caring for a pet offers a sense of purpose, and a sense of security.

We have all read about the benefits of pet ownership:  lowered blood pressure, reduced anxiety, and help in fighting loneliness.

But - it's important to look at the situation before you go and get your older relative a pet!

How is your relative?  How is their mobility?  How are they cognitively?  Can they care for a pet or do they have adequate support for pet care?

Do they WANT a pet?  What pet would be best?  A dog?  A cat?  Some people just aren't animal people!

What about housebreaking?  Housebreaking a puppy is challenging.  Consider an older dog that is housebroken.  Cats are easily trained with litter boxes.

Will the pet have a safe, warm place to live?  (Not in a dog box at the bottom of the yard.)  Dogs ARE social animals!    

What about finances?  Pets aren't cheap.  Vaccinations, spaying/neutering, grooming, check ups, food, dog tags, supplies  - all need to be factored in with your pet care costs.

I wouldn't give up our boy for anything but it has been part of that journey I talked about in an earlier post.  Owning a pet isn't an undertaking to be taken lightly.

But - the love and companionship they offer is worth it all.  At least it is to me.




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