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Tis the Season - to Get Scammed

Posted: November 25, 2019, 2:34PM

Steve Novotney (WKKX and LEDE news) and I serve on a task force to combat elder abuse.  We have discussed numerous scams that people try to perpetrate including the "You have won a lot of money" or "You can make a lot of money" scams, the fake delivery people scams, the IRS and/or Social Security imposter scams and the Grandparent scam.  We have talked about WHEN scammers are most active, and have unfortunately seen scammers target people all times of the year.

BUT - during the holidays, people are extra susceptible. 

Do you order from Amazon or other online service?  Your packages may be hijacked and stolen by Porch Pirates or you may fall prey to the call "from" an on-line company that states that they are checking on a charge and an order.

Are you a grandparent?  Don't fall for the call that says the grandchild is in trouble.  Work out a code word that is to be shared if there REALLY is trouble.  Call the "grandchild" or relative in question and see if they are OK.  Do not assume that the caller is giving you a true story!

Did you get notice that you'd just won the lottery (Merry Christmas!) but you need to send money to claim your money?  NO - Don't do that!  Legit lotteries do not charge winners to collect.

Do your packages come from a delivery service (such as Fed Ex, UPS, etc)?  Uniforms can be purchased by anyone.  Don't settle for just the uniform.  Ask for ID.  Go out on your porch to sign for the delivery if that's required or go to the delivery service's office to get your package. Be very cautious as to who you let in your house.

Be careful.  It can be a dangerous world out there. 




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