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Watch Out for Scams!

Posted: December 1, 2020, 9:35AM

I post a lot about scams.  That's because they are everywhere.  That's also because people continue to fall prey to scams. 

It's also because so many of the people in our area are vulnerable.  We have a lot of older folks.  There are a lot of people who have some memory issues.   They can live independently but maybe their judgment isn't quite up to par.  We are living in a pandemic where social isolation has become a norm.  An unpleasant, lonely norm.  These factors add up to a scammer's dream!

Be on the lookout for scams: 

The fake utility worker who is trying to gain admission to your home or get money or gift cards for a payment they say you owe.  (Contact your utility company directly)

The grandparent scam where your "grandchild" calls you needing money.  (Have a code word and/or call them to make sure they're OK)

Fake charities  (Go to to check on the charity or donate to your favorite recognized charity)

The Covid Cure Scam (There is no cure.  The vaccine isn't available yet.)

The improve your memory scam  (There is no cure for dementia.  Check with your doc about concerns.)

The cure for anything that ails you scam  (There is no cure-all for everything)

The fake emails from financial institutions, religious organizations or ministers/priests/rabbis.  (Contact your financial institution or religious organization directly.  Do NOT click on links in the email.  They are not legitimate.)

The stimulus check scam  (Don't respond to the email.  Contact the IRS at

The IRS is coming to get you for unpaid taxes (Contact the IRS directly at

The Sheriff's Dept is coming to get you for failure to appear (Contact the Sheriff's Dept directly)

The Social Security Administration is suspending your social security card.  (Contact Social Security at or 800 772- 1213)


There are others.  Don't fall for them either!

Contact your state's Attorney General office, the FCC, the police, and/or the FBI.


Don't get scammed!




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