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We're in for nasty weather

Posted: February 15, 2021, 2:37PM

We have had a LOT of snow this year.  I was getting a little spoiled with the milder winters.  This year, however, we've shoveled a lot of snow and used a lot of ice melt.  Tonight - February 15 - the weather gurus are predicting up to 1/2" of ice.  (I'd much rather have had the snow!)

Please keep your neighbors and older family members in mind as we are going through this crazy cycle of weather.  Ice will snap branches and take down power lines which affects heat and lights, as well as refrigerators and freezers.  If your loved one has oxygen, power chairs or lift chairs,  loss of power can be quite serious.  Check on your older family / friends.  

Watch your pets.  They, too, can lose their footing with ice and incur an injury.  Make sure to wipe the ice and ice melt off their paws.  Bring your animals indoors.  Don't leave them outside to deal with snow and ice.  This is not going to be fit weather for man nor beast!  

If you can, stay in.  Get a cup of hot tea.  Wrap up in your favorite blanket.  Watch the nasty weather from inside.  Don't take unnecessary risks.  You really don't want to have to make a trip to the emergency room!




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