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What Are You Doing?

Posted: July 28, 2020, 2:24PM

Hey!  How are things going?  Are you working from home, going in part time, or are you back full time?  I am still working from home and have gotten into a rhythm.  People who need information have found me through this Web page, email or our alternate phone number.  It's been a slow adjustment, but like many of you, I'm adjusting.  Business is changing to accomodate the safety needs and restrictions imposed by COVID.

Our Older Adult Expo and the Older Adult Extravaganza were victims of the pandemic as were the Spring Symposium and the OV HEC conference.  We Zoom, we don't meet in person. 

But - The challenges begin when "down time" comes.  I'm walking and going grocery shopping but there are so many activities that had to be cancelled!  I no longer go shopping just to walk around the stores to find a bargain.  My trips are direct, timed, and focused.  Our local events such as the Blame My Roots, Blues Fest and several fairs have been cancelled.

What are you doing?  Are you gardening?  Do you have a new hobby or are you pursuing an old one?  Are you catching up on reading or binge watching a TV series you missed?  Are you volunteering and helping others?  What have you resumed?  What are you not doing?

Help us out!  Share what you are doing!  Give us some ideas on what we can add to our Pandemic Menu of Activities!  Tell us how you feel about our "new normal".  What is helping you get through?

I look forward to hearing from you!





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